Sunday, May 10, 2009

Padre Island - Day Two

After a restful nights sleep, we all awoke starving. Our slim pickings seafood dinner from the night before had long since been digested. We were checking out of our room so we would have Brandi with us when we went in search of brunch. We would not be eating anywhere fancy with a dog so fast food it was. Can't leave her in the car in 95 plus temps.

After our stomachs were full of a greasy hamburger we decided to check out the Corpus Christi beaches that were short way down from Port Aransus. We stopped at a really cool castle souvenir shop in Corpus Christi:

We liked the beach at Padre Island a little better than Port Aransus. We were having so much fun, we ended up staying out there a lot longer than what we had planned. Here are some pics of our day at the beach:

I really liked the setup of the beach. Each car spot had it's own covered picnic table. They were all along the beach so there was plenty room for everyone. Remember in Texas, everything is, I just had to say that. :-)

Favorite pic of the day:

Summer and I digging a hole in the sand:

After a few hours at the beach we decided it was time to head back home. None of us wanted to leave but duty called for Toby and I. Next trip I am going to plan on staying much longer than overnight. At least now we have found our new beach area......and of course there are other attractions in Corpus Christi that will also need to be investigated. :-)

Although I'm sure that our weekend trip wasn't especially intended for me, I am grateful for a great Mother's Day weekend getaway with a couple of my favorite people.


  1. Your Mother's Day looks just perfect. Sun, sand and children - could it get any better?

  2. That looks like so much fun! We never did get to see the ocean on our Florida vacation and it's the one thing I regret because it's just so.....vast!

    I know, that sounded muy intelligente.