Thursday, May 28, 2009

Texas Memorial Museum

You may notice that The Texas Memorial Museum is listed on my sidebar as one of my favorite free activities in Austin. Just to clarify, I'll let you know that nothing comes for free. I spent $8 dollars just to have a place to park for a couple of hours so I could visit this free museum. One of these days I will have lived in Austin long enough to know where all the little secret free parking spots are downtown...if there is a such thing here.

The museum is where we had our playdate this week. Angela had never been there before and I knew she would find it as interesting as I do. Of course, when you have kids you have to be dragged from one area to another without being able to really look. Children don't find the information about the displays very interesting...yet.

Here are some pics of our day...

After we left the museum we stopped at the girls favorite treat shop...JAMBA JUICE.

It was a nice day with my some of my favorite people. It's just what the doctor ordered. I ended the day feeling in much better spirits.

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