Monday, June 1, 2009

Doing More Reading Than Writing!

I have always been a sucker for a good book...most any kind of book or reading material will do. Since taking up blog writing, book reading has been pushed to the back burner. Except for the occasional magazine, spiritual (weird books ) as my friend use to call them, I haven't picked up a good novel in a while.

Lately, not feeling very inspired to write I had been having a craving for a good book to curl up with. With all the other things on my to do list and having my daughter with me 24/7....who I might add does not share my love of reading, it is pretty hard to browse the book section at my local library or book store.

I like to browse peacefully. I don't like feeling the person with me, no matter who it might be, is tapping their foot waiting on me to make my selection. Which is certainly the way I feel every time Toby or Summer is with me, which is all the time.

My solution for my reading craving came through my fellow bloggers. I went through some of my favorite blog sites and randomly picked a few of their comments that appealed to me. I was totally enthralled with the content of a several of the blogs.

It's so much more personal when you are reading something that you know is real. A real person's life with real life thoughts, ideas, and situations.

I was also a little surprised to find that several were posting blogs about the same sort of things that I have thought about either currently or in the past. I guess we do really attract what we need at any moment and time that we are searching for and expecting it......manifestation.

I think I have had a long enough break and now am eager to get back on my blog wagon. See ya soon!

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