Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday April 13, 2009

Last spring I had issues with the barn swallows that nested under my front porch. They made a real nuisance of themselves pooping on the porch and dive bombing me every time I walked out my front door.

Obviously the swallows must remember where last years home was each year they migrate here. I had such trouble with them last year that after they left I went out and bought some ceramic bird statues to put in their nesting spot to try and deter them from nesting on my front porch again.

Here they are hanging on by their tails to their last years nesting spot. They have little to no room to nest but they are determined to nest in that same spot right along beside the fake ceramic bird. I guess they are smarter than I am...or at least more stubborn.

Later on tonight while Summer and I were upstairs...she was taking a bath and I was on the computer, I could hear Toby rambling around downstairs. I hollered down at him and asked him if he still loved me after 10 years. He hollered back "yes' in a slightly perturbed voice.

I asked Summer "Do you think daddy really meant yes?" she said "No". :-) Hopefully she was wrong about him not loving me, but I am positive that he loves her and Brandi...

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