Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anniversary Day Out - Part 1

When we lived in Mobile there was a old Methodist Church downtown that served lunch on Wednesdays. We passed by the sign in front of the church advertising it many times before we finally decided to stop in and check it out.

My reluctance to stop came from the fact that I thought we may be cornered and solicited to buy Jesus before we could get eat our meal. I could never have been more wrong. It was a small group of little old ladies that prepped the meal every week. The food was good old fashioned cooking like your grandma would make and those little old ladies never said not one word about Jesus or faith and believe it or not never even gave us a sideways glance for Toby's array of  body art.

We would go in and order our meal, have a seat and the little old ladies would display the perfect southern hospitality fetching everything we needed like servants and making sure we were comfortable. We made a habit of eating at the church most Wednesdays right up to the last week we moved to Austin.

The other day I got a little nostalgic thinking about those little old ladies at the church back in Mobile and decided to do a search and see if Austin had any downtown churches that served lunch.

I found one at St. David's. When we got there the line was very long but it moved along quickly. Seating was also way more crowded than the the church in downtown Mobile...but then again Austin has a much larger, busier downtown so it didn't surprise me.

Even though lunch was delicious and well proportioned and we had a positive experience it wasn't near as personal and home-like as little old ladies at Government Street Methodist Church made it. That said, St. David's is a thumb's up place to eat lunch when we are downtown Austin on Thursdays.

After lunch we walked around in the church sanctuary. The church is Episcopalian so it brought up fond memories of my youth in the Catholic Church.

The Labyrinth outside the church

St. David's Episcopal Church
There is plenty more to post, but I'm pooped after a long day so I have elected to finish tomorrow. Good Night!!

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