Wednesday, January 9, 2013

X's AND O's

It rained all night long and when I awoke this morning it was STILL raining. No matter, we still had to get out and run a few errands today.

Mine and Toby's anniversary is tomorrow and we want to be able to enjoy ourselves without the weekly errands looming over our heads.

After we ran all of our errands Toby and Summer requested Starbucks. As we waited on their order I looked around at everybody sitting with their coffee and laptops. As I observed them I made a mental note that it seems that every Starbucks I have ever been in all the "dining" customers look alike. They all dress in the same style of clothing, hold their coffee the same way, sit the same way, and have the same communicating mannerisms. It's like Starbucks holds their own genre of customers. Maybe I just notice weird stuff like that.

By the time we got home the rain had stopped enough that I took Bo for a short late afternoon run. I think that must have made him happy because he didn't give me the stare the rest of the evening.

I have an interesting activity planned tomorrow. I won't spoil it by giving any details.

Until tomorrow...

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