Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's pretty lonely around here with the kids (Lucas and Kristin) gone..for me anyway. Toby is glaring into the t.v and his Ipod as he usually does and Summer is engrossed in her usual projects in her room.

For whatever reason I'm finding it difficult to settle back into my normal routine. I tried to pull out my fabric and do a little sewing but just couldn't get into it. Pinterest isn't even intriguing me...although I did manage to make a small menu plan off it tonight - out of necessity more than enjoyment.

I feel anxious and unsettled so I'm obsessed with purging the house, other than I can't seem to find a large box to load everything into which is only adding to my agitation.

It's freezing ass cold outside so puttering around the yard (which typically relaxes me) is out of the question. Only through pure habit have I been able to take Bo out for his morning runs. I dread the idea of it before I head out but once I get running I warm up pretty quickly. I still hate it when it's in the 30's though. My ear lobes and hands were frozen solid hard by the time I was done with my run this morning.

My cousin Shannon messaged me yesterday and said they may visit in February. I hope they come. I like the company. Visitors use to annoy me but I find the older I get the more I enjoy having family members and friends long as they are enjoyable visitors.

We had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for Logan's Roadhouse today. The food was good but it always feels so unnatural for me to throw those peanut shells on the floor.

After lunch we went to Walmart and Sam's. I bought me a robe at Sam's..leopard print. :-)

At Walmart Summer decided she was more experienced at style than I am and put some outfits together for me off the clearance rack that didn't look too "Walmart-ish". Unfortunately everything but a pair of shorts (size 6 baby!) was either to big/small or didn't fit properly. O'well it was fun seeing her so excited about shopping for me. She's been being more feminine the past few months and the best news is she revealed to me that she is growing her hair back out!! I didn't act too excited about it for fear my excitement would change her plan. For me, the best thing about it was that honestly,  I really didn't care whether she cuts it or lets it grow out. I'm over the hair thing and she's beautiful to me either way.

Releasing my thoughts via my blog helps me see things in a different light. I feel much better now.

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  1. I know what you mean about that sense of agitation. The temp has been dropping to single digits at night and we have cement floors. My feet get cold no matter what I put on them and I am si tired of sitting here. I long to be outside. I wouldn't even mind stacking firewood! Supposed to warm up into the 30's tomorrow ....