Saturday, January 26, 2013

As The Rush Comes

The past couple of days have been spent on my usual routine. I know I haven't blogged in a couple of days and I could probably try and rack my brain to remember the little mundane occurrences of the past couple of days to bore myself with but I'm only going to mention the things that stick out mostly in my mind.

Robin is on her way to be totally healed of her broken ankle (YAY!!) and is in longer need of her wheelchair so she sent it home with me for Summer yesterday.

Summer has been obsessed with wheelchairs every since we visited Lynn Meadows Discovery Museum in Mississippi about 7 years ago!! There was a particular exhibit where there were wheelchairs, basketballs, and basketball goals. The idea was to depict what it's like to try and play a sport with a handicap. Her and Toby spent a very long time in that one room while we there, mostly with Summer riding around in the wheelchair. She has requested a wheelchair for every birthday/Christmas since that day. If I remember correctly Lucas also had an obsession with wheelchairs when he was younger.

*NOTE: Lynn Meadows Discovery Museum is the best children's museum we have ever been to. Summer still talks about it to this day and can remember every detail of our trip there to this day.

You would have thought I had brought Summer a million dollar check home when she saw that wheelchair in the back of my car. She played with it hours that afternoon into the evening. She had every kid on the block at the house showing it off....and she was overly protective of it only letting her few trusted friends take a "ride" in it.

Today I was watching her out the window and she maneuvers around in it quite well. The mother in me cringes a little every time I see her rolling around in it though...

With the weather being so perfect the past couple of days me and Sum have been playing some badminton too. We love to play badminton and can keep the birdie going good most of the time.

Today for lunch I made some broiled fish, baked potato, and fresh green beans. I'm glad it turned out to taste good because the whole meal took a lot longer than I thought it would to cook, so I was a bit rushed to have it done before Toby left for work.

On the way home from my morning run this morning I stopped to let Bo take his last pee and sniff before we made it to the house. I noticed one of those postal notices you get when you have a package to pick up at the post office on the ground. I picked it up to check the date and address. I figured the wind probably blew it off someones door.

I checked the address and handed it to Toby to locate the house it belonged to. What do you know, it was the old man's that just died. I went up to his house and stuck it back on the front door just in case anybody was going to be coming back to finish cleaning out his house of his belongings, but not before I looked for his name.

I never knew his name and I was curious what it was. The name on the card was Roger Frost. He looked like a Roger Frost. Funny how we look like our names...or I think so anyway.

I felt weird going on his porch to drop off the card, and the porch had a slight odd smell I couldn't describe. I wondered what he had ordered that had came a week too late.

Later on in the day, I searched up his obit. I'm mostly curious about how he perished. Unfortunately his obit told me nothing other than he was Roger Craig Frost, 57 years old, and worked for the Postal Service. Hmmm...funny, I always call him the old man and he's only a little less than a decade older than I am. Does that make the the old lady????

I spent the afternoon staring at my yard trying to figure out what to plant this spring that the relentless drought and triple digit summer temps won't kill.

I'm looking forward to our mini trip to Houston this week.

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