Saturday, January 12, 2013


I slept in again this morning. This seems to be becoming a habit for me for me lately. It hasn't led to any repercussions though which is why I keep doing it, I suppose.

Since I missed my run with Bo yesterday morning I pushed myself a little farther and harder this morning to make up for yesterday. The weather was a lot warmer and more humid but not so much that I didn't get in a good run. The breeze always helps.

When I got home I threw us some brunch together (nothing special) and started on my daily chores.

Around 3:00pm I sat down for an afternoon snack. Usually I play on my Ipad while I'm eating but today I decided to turn on the T.V.  I always get really engrossed in those cooking shows that broadcast on the CREATE channel on the weekends.

I got engrossed in Martha Stewart for about an hour and learned a lot of things I didn't know. There is also the other old Italian lady on CREATE I like to watch...can't remember her name.

This evening I will probably resume going through all of my old pictures on disc. I do this for no other reason than to reminisce on all those old wonderful memories caught in time.

It was a very nice day even though nothing really interesting or out of the ordinary happened.

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