Monday, January 28, 2013


This afternoon Summer went outside to enjoy the nice warm day until she came running inside screaming about a bee chasing her around. She told me she had tried to kill it. As she washed her hands for a snack she began telling me about her bee encounter in relation to her thoughts on fear.

I was pretty impressed with her rationalization of how humans operate....maybe because I, myself, have only began to understand such things in recent years.

She went in depth telling me about how it's fear that motivates us to kill and that's why there is war and guns and why we do hurtful things to other people. It is fear and only fear that makes us react with violence.

I guess it's just not something I ever really thought about before, but she is absolutely right. From everything to war to killing a zooming bee all our negative actions are motivated by fear. We go to war because we fear someone is going to hurt us....or most likely take away our power. We swat at that bee because we fear it will sting us if we don't kill it first.

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

I just thought it was interesting the way she analyzed her reaction to the bee chasing her and used it as a comparison to the world around her. I would have never made that sort of connection when I was her age...then again, that's probably not saying much. She's a HELL OF A LOT more worldly than I ever was.

Maybe it's no big deal, but I thought it was. It reminded me of a quote I ran across once:

 "To know ones self is to know others. He that is ignorant of himself, could not write a very profound lecture on another man's head."

In other news, I heard through the neighborhood grapevine the "old man" across the street died from falling as he got out of the bath tub. For some reason this gave me some sort of closure with my obsession of the old man across the street.

I promise this will be my last mention of the old man.

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