Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today I HAD to go to the grocery store. I haven't been to the Blue Hanger in weeks so in order for me to get out of the house free and clear tomorrow morning I needed to get my chores done first. I decided since Toby was off work, instead of me getting up early and going to the grocery store by myself like I usually do, I would incorporate my family into my shopping trip.

Summer went through a phase a couple of years ago where she would take half my list and go off on her own in the store to shop.  It was like a game for her. Since she used to shop with me all the time she was familiar with the items and brands that I bought and knew the game of price comparison.  Homeschoolers call that "Math".  I call it life skills. :-)

Now that she is older she usually stays home when I grocery shop. I thought it would be fun (and bonding) for her and Toby to take half of my grocery list in the store while I have the other half. I figured it would also cut my time in the store in half. Not so much it turns out. They were understandably having trouble figuring out what exactly what I needed on some of the items listed, but they did a good job anyway. There were only two items I had to go and exchange.

In the end, it really didn't make my trip any easier or quicker, but we were still all together which is what mattered the most.

The weather was frigid again today. Forecast shows some light snow flakes overnight. Nothing that sticks of course, but all Summer heard was the word "snow" and is pumped at the idea. Me? I remember being excited at the idea of snow when I was a kid too. Now? Not so much anything that even remotely resembles snow is appealing....unless I am by a fire in a cabin in the woods sipping wine with my lover.

Still haven't gotten a box, but I did get a lot accomplished in the study as far as purging goes. I'm satisfied for now.

I hope the weather doesn't ruin my trip to the Blue Hanger tomorrow morning...

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  1. Snow is really quite beautiful. It's the ice I hate. We were in the upper 30's today and I was able to go outside and stack some wood.