Friday, January 11, 2013


 I got up early this morning so I could go do some personal shopping. Old habits die VERY hard. I went to the Goodwill specifically in search of blue jeans. In all fairness to myself, I wasn't having any luck at the department stores.  I also thought I may stop by Academy and purchase some much needed new running shoes.

My destination was Central Austin to one of my favorite Goodwill's. On the way I stopped for a sausage biscuit at a McDonald's along the way. I took my coke, biscuit and tray and sat in a spot in front of the T.V.  While I ate I was engrossed in the newscast about the recent lottery winner that ended up dead of suspected cyanide poisoning.

For whatever reason the restaurant area was filled with seniors (old folk). My people watching addiction lured me to watch their expression about the lottery winner's demise. Nothing...nada. But when the reporter switched topics to the church that was enforcing their stand on the anti-gay marriage position three out of six of them were shaking their head in agreement (all men). Interesting. They showed emotion toward the gay marriage issue but the lottery winner being poisoned evoked no emotion at all from them.

I lucked up at the Goodwill and found two pair of jeans that fit me perfectly. I spent so much time in the Goodwill that I didn't have time-nor felt like- shoe shopping at Academy. I made a stop at HEB and headed home just in time to help Toby prep a lunch to take to work and kiss him goodbye.

The weather was so perfect today that I decided to give my car a much needed good vacuuming. I also picked up dog turds and swept out the garage while I was outside.

When I came back inside and sat down I suddenly felt achy, tired and my sinuses hurt. I assumed it was probably from all the dust and dirt I stirred up from cleaning out my car and sweeping the garage.

I watched Dr. Phil and Ricky Lake and rested for awhile and felt fine afterwards.

I took Bo for an evening walk and made note how the weeds around here still grow at warp speed even in the winter months. I think Bo must have peed on every one he saw.

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