Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Little Bitty

I have to admit I was dreading a day of being cooped up in the house due to the 100 percent rain chance, but it turned out to be a wonderful day. Isn't funny how it's always those times you expect a bad experience that it turns out to be a pleasant one??

We made omelets with onions, peppers and mushrooms for breakfast. Yum. After we ate breakfast Toby and I went and had some "us" time in the bedroom. We are usually on the go with either errands or Toby having to rush off to work so it was really nice to be able to hang out in our bed together chatting. Other than Bo whimpering at the door it was a pleasant experience. We talked about many different of them being how we (mostly me) don't miss those huge, black,  flying-ass cockroaches found in Mobile and in the more humid areas of the south. Hmmmm....two good reasons I have no desire to  move back to Mobile - no HEB stores and too many dang cockroaches.

Toby and I mostly watched T.V. all day...or should I say Toby watched T.V. while I worshipped my Ipad on the sofa next to him.
We did watch an interesting documentary together called Zeitgeist. Not sure how much of it was based on actual fact, but it was definitely food for thought and most of it made logical sense.

I think I saw Summer a total of two times the whole breakfast and lunch. She stayed in her room the whole day playing Mindcraft and chatting with her friend Hannah on the phone.

Bo acted like a freak most of the day pacing around and staring at me. I think he's boring very quickly of the limited time we have been spending outdoors lately.

The rest of our evening will be spent watching a Redbox rental, "Paranorman" while consuming Jiffy Pop.

I think I may make this kind of day a must in our household at least once a month despite what the weather forecast may be.

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