Monday, January 7, 2013

Look After You

If you can believe it we are expecting 3-5 inches of rain in Central Texas in the next couple of days. Not that we certainly don't need the rain but it's sort of putting a damper on my parade of activities for the week.  I had a couple of fun things planned but instead I guess we will be holed up inside the house for a couple of days. Good thing we are used to being up each other's ass most the time anyway or else this could be fatal.

I prepared for the event by going to the grocery store and stocking the house with extra food....and liquor. I figured we would make the best of it by eating and watching movies....and drinking.  I don't like getting out on the roads when it's wet. Austinites drive like idiots in the best of conditions and even worse in the worst conditions.

While I was out I decided to run in Target and see if I could find some proper fitting jeans. Finding jeans is THE WORST clothing issue I have. There's like 100 different styles and cuts to choose from and all it does is confuse me. Once I figure out the Fit and Cut I need then there are never any left in my size. Never fails.

At least Summer found her a pair of cute boots on clearance.....not that we were shopping for her. Inevitably when we are shopping for me, she always finds something cute and fitting for her. Lucky girl.

I'll admit I was a lazy-ass when I got home and managed to consume a canned coke and a whole Totino's pizza by myself while watching Dr. Phil and browsing Pinterest.  I think I sat on the sofa for 3 hours straight. Bo just glared at me wondering what the hell happened to his evening walk????

Shame on me especially since that's probably what I will also be doing for the next couple of days due to the rain.

Summer spent the rest of the afternoon playing outdoors. Her and her friends have been sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes affixed on top of a skateboards.  I watched them out the window for awhile and thought about how innocent and childlike these preteens still all are. At what point do we as adults lose our connection with our inner child??? What makes us lose that connection???

I love that kid with my whole being. I don't know how I ended up with such good kids considering what little effort I give in raising them. All I have ever supplied is unconditional LOVE and an open, understanding ear and that seems to have sufficed just fine.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be momma almighty here. I'm sure both of my kids have/will have baggage of some kind. None of us come out of this life unscathed in some sort of way.

I'm watching Summer quickly grow and mature and I'm starting to feel a bit panicked. I always thought I would love the freedom I would have when my last kid is grown and gone, but lately I have been wondering what the hell it is that I thought I was going to do without my kids? I have no money to travel or do the things that would give me enjoyment. What did I think I was really going to do when my kids are all gone? Sew? Bleh!!!  I have nothing of value but my kids.

I'm not feeling very optimistic about my week or my life tonight. I will run in the rain tomorrow morning. I love running in the rain.

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