Monday, January 14, 2013


Another freezing morning. It sucked. Bo got a little ripped off with his morning run. I don't own a pair of gloves which is exactly what I needed this morning. My hands were sooooo cold they hurt. I could keep one inside my pocket but the other one had to stay exposed to hold the leash.  A half mile of sniffing and peeing was all I could bear.

I also had to make a grocery store trip today. Summer opted to tag along with me. We stopped at Jack in the Box and ordered tacos along the way. Very good..and unhealthy, I'm pretty sure.

While we ate we chatted about Oprah being in town to interview Lance Armstrong for his "confession".  We talked about how it would be really cool to see Oprah while we were out and about. We laughed and both  agreed that Oprah would most likely not be shopping in HEB while in Austin.

Before groceries, we stopped in the Pet Store to grab Bo's dog food. We took some time to watch some Chameleons. They watched us as intently as we were watching them. Interesting animals. We also did a search for Bo a new chew toy. He's a powerful chewer and goes through them like mad...and they are not cheap.

Last stop was HEB. I can never express how much I love HEB. I also noticed they started this new free weekly newsletter available at the front stand. It has a full weeks menu based on their sales, health tips, and meal deals and coupons.

I don't typically grocery shop on Monday's but I think I'm going to make it my new grocery shopping day. There was hardly a soul in there. Summer and I had a good time. She was manning the cart and putting the items I pointed out into the cart while I crossed the items off the list and led the way. With a large menu like I had today I'm usually in the store at least an hour but with Summer's help it took me half the time. It was the most stress free grocery trip (other than when I am by myself) that I've had in awhile.

We loaded up and headed home where we spent the rest of the day doing what we usually do....exactly what we want to do. :-)

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