Saturday, January 5, 2013


This morning I had two cups of coffee. My friend Robin gave us some coffee for Christmas and although I have never been picky about coffee I find the blend she gave us worthy of more than my usual one cup per day.

After my two cups of coffee I threw on my running gear and took Bo out for a run. Now that I'm wanting to run that 5K I'm trying to step up my running a little bit each day. Ironically, when it's cold I dread getting out the door, but once I get warmed up I run easier and farther than I do in the warmer temps. I ran an extra half a mile this morning. My goal is to add an extra mile to at least one or two runs a week.

My original plan for the day was to go shopping for some proper fitting jeans, but by the time I got home from my run, took a shower and  prepared lunch it was already close to 1:00pm. By that time I had lost interest in shopping and was already contemplating all that I NEEDED to do around the house.

I prepared Zuppa Toscana for lunch. This Olive Garden favorite got a lot of rave reviews on Pinterest but I'm not adding it to my recipe box because Toby didn't rave about it. He said he liked it but it wasn't one of his favorites. I liked it well enough myself, but then again I like most everything. Oddly enough, my very picky Summer ate two bowl fulls of it. Figures.

Here is a link to the recipe for anyone interested.

I did manage to take 3 bags of goodwill items to the donation bin up the road.  Blasted SONIC and their happy hour drink specials! I'm not strong-willed enough to pass the Sonic by when I know they have that large coke for just $1!! Coke is one of my weaknesses and probably one of the reasons I may never lose the flab hanging off the front of my belly.

I checked the mail on the way home and had received a $3 off coupon for any Mrs. Baird item. It was in thanks for my participation in their survey. I checked the address on the front of the envelope to make sure it had made it's way into the correct mailbox. I must be losing my memory along with my sight and hearing because I have no recollection of filling out any survey for Mrs. Baird. I appreciated the coupon and will use it though. :-)

At the end of the day I spent some time sorting my fabric and working on an unfinished quilt....and blogging.

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