Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9, 2009

I awoke this morning in hopes that my feverish daughter would not be feverish anymore. Well, guess what....she still had a fever. Granted it was low grade..but still a fever.

In my later years I have tried to put a positive spin on everything and live in the moment. It works out for me most of the time. However today happened to be Summer's best friend Jordan's birthday and our weekly play date day. Sounds like no biggie right? Any other day it probably wouldn't have been but for some reason today I was really needing the company of my close friend Angela. Despite her illness,Summer was also really upset at not being able to see Jordan.

Good friends are hard to come by for anyone and even harder for me. Because I am a little emotionally distant and skeptical of strangers it takes me a while to form strong and lasting friendships.

I was a little surpised when Summer and I met Angela and her girls through a local homeschool group how well we "hit it off". I had assumed that since I was in a whole new city, state, and "culture" that it would take me forever to bond with someone. I have even joked to her about how we are so much alike that we must be long lost sisters.

I have always heard that opposites attract, but as for myself I have always found that I can relate and bond better with someone that is more like myself. Maybe having someone like me around me, makes me feel like I am forming a friendship with a part of myself...I don't know. This even goes for my husband. I don't think Toby and I would get along so well if we were'nt as alike as we are.

Anyway, enough mushy stuff. There are just certain times in a woman's life that she really needs someone to talk to...another woman. One who can understand and empathasize and really relate to what you are feeling.

I will turn 45 years old in July. It's no secret that I am way into my perimenopause stage. Any woman that has entered this age and stage of life can identify. At a time in my life when I am trying to peel back the layers of who I am, I am also having to deal with hormonal fluctuations that probably make me not very much fun for my family at times. Quite honestly, at this moment I don't give a shit what they want or think......see what I mean about hormones? In the next 15 minutes my hormones will surely project a totally different emotion.

I love my family very much...I just hope they love me enough to endure me for the next several years. We'll see.

That's exactly why women need other women. No male species will ever understand or care about what you are feeling. As long as you meet their needs, cook their meals and tend to their children they are snug as a bug in a rug

I'm sure men could think of things that we would never understand about them...and no, I don't understand that one.

So our day was spent doing indoor things....watching T.V., playing computer games, and eating.

Speaking of eating, my neighbors have inspired me lately to get back into my excercise routine. I have felt slightly useless lately when I have, while sitting on my butt on my computer, looked out of my window and have seen my neighbors doing their daily walking routine. If that ain't motivation than what is??

As I have said before there is absolutely no excuse not to excercise here. So as I am sitting here on my computer watching everybody else outside walk, it has given me the incentive to do the same.

I have been doing my daily walking for the past two days now. It's amazing how much better you can feel and look with just a little bit of excercise.

Toby will be off tomorrow and my hormones are looking forward to a little break from homeschooling, chores, and motherhood. This is a time in my life..and Summer's, when a doting Grandma would be heaven sent. :-)


  1. (((Hugs))) momma...hope you're feeling a little less hormonal sooner than later!

  2. We are less than a month apart, yet I feel like my hormones were worse during my PMSier years. I say "ier" cause they ain't over yet! Course nowadays I have a little help from Lexapro!
    I know what you mean about needing friends more like you than different. I'm the same way. I feel intimidated by people who are different from me, like they are somehow better.