Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday April 19, 2009

As I checked off the date on my desk calendar this morning, I couldn't believe that April is almost over. Yes, time does fly when your having fun and as you get older.

The other day while out and about, Summer was talking about getting old enough to drive a car and all the ways she would take care of other drivers indiscretions...a little scary I tell ya for an 8 year old. I can only imagine what sort of things she will come up with by the time she is able to drive.

Anyway, as she was contemplating dangerous car maneuvers I was thinking about how when you are young you just can't wait for the age of 13. When your 13 you can't wait until you are 16. When you are 16 you can't wait until you are 18 and so on and so on. Time seemed to creep to get from one milestone to another when I was younger.

I'm just curious in the big scheme of things why as we get older time seems to go into overdrive. But yet, time seems to be of no importance as you get older. It just flies by and you don't even realize what you have missed out on or what you should have been doing with all those lost moments.

As Summer gets older I have been thinking a lot about time and how it flies. How before you know it she will be a teenager with her own mind and her thoughts that won't even involve me or Toby at all.

I'm sure she probably won't be interested in the least about snuggling with me, sharing her thoughts, ideas, or artwork with me, wanting me to come outside and watch her do something, etc.

These things I have thought about a lot lately. I don't want the time to fly past me and then I look up and there is my little girl grown and gone. I find sometimes that because I homeschool her and I am with her 24/7 that I don't spend enough time with her outside of school work and daily chores. Those things consume most of our daily lives.

So today, even though I had a ton of other stuff I needed to do after our "school day" I dropped it all. Summer and I headed to the park. We searched for cool rocks, played in the pond water, and walked the park paths while she asked me questions like who the first people on Earth were and how April Fool's day came about.

After we left the park we got one of those blue slush puppies that turn your lips and teeth blue. When we got home we ate a bowl of soup together while watching the movie Enchanted.

I'll be quite honest by telling you that going to the park for over an hour and coming home to watch an hour movie knowing I had mounds of chores that needed to be accomplished would typically send me over the edge. Today I did not care in the least. I was truly enjoying my daughters company just the two of in the moment. It was great!

One of the things that really bug me about being a homeschool mom is having so much on my plate to get accomplished that I don't have as much play time as I would like with my daughter.

Things are about to change around here.


  1. Good for you! Sounds like a great day!

  2. Girl, I gotta tell've got a great point. Chores and other things we "thought" were important will still be there even when our kiddos are gone.

    I do feel thankful that I've learned to relax and enjoy the moment, while the moment is still here.

    Enjoy your new life changes...simply free!

  3. It's nice to break away from routine and re-connect in a simple and fun way. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to find a different balance in your life!
    I too suffer from the idea that if the chores aren't finished that the world is going to be full of doom. It's funny how often that isn't the case! :-)
    Good luck with this discovery and remember that your relationship with your daughter is going to be *just that much better* because you are together so much.