Monday, April 27, 2009

Purses, Pocketbooks, Handbags....Whatever You Call Them

My purse is my most important accessory. I don't choose a purse by name brand or it's style. My purse has to serve a purpose and be very practical. I carry everything from gum to restaurant leftovers in my purse.

I like having access to anything I need at any given moment....a hairbrush, wipes, reading glasses, lipstick, pen and paper, cell phone, etc. The list goes on and on. Carrying all of my necessities makes my purse weigh a ton.

I also like my hands free so I don't carry a purse with a small handle. My purse has a long strap so that I can wear it diagonally across my shoulder. After carrying it a while is starts to hurt my shoulder that it's hanging on. I then have to reverse it to wear it over the other shoulder. It's really cumbersome and heavy.

So the other day while Angela and I were downtown I was carrying my backpack to hold all my essentials so that I wouldn't have to walk around holding my purse. We were discussing the backpack and I can't remember if she said something about a purse backpack or if it just hit me that a purse backpack would be the perfect answer for my purse dilemma. It would certainly give my neck and shoulders a break.

Since that day I have been on a mission to find me a backpack purse. So far no luck, although I have not had a whole lot of time to really shop. I really don't frequent clothing or fashion stores. Most of my clothes come from the Goodwill. That being said, I have always tried to draw the line at buying purses, shoes, or undergarments at Goodwills.

So the other day we were in Walmart. I decided to check the purses to see if I could find my backpack purse. Do they even make those anymore?

Summer grabbed up a purse that was almost identical to the one I own. I was ashamed to say that my denim purse in comparison to the new purse (also denim) was about 5 shades darker. My purse is filthy! Toby then pointed out how old my purse is.....several years old. Wow! I didn't even realize that it has been that long since I have bought myself a new purse....or washed the one I own for that matter.

Not surprising at all though. I am very picky about purses, shoes and undergarments. Not in the way they look, but in the way they make me feel. For me, comfort is the key..not style.

I will be searching for my new purse this week....wish me luck!



    You should get this one!!! Now, I know you are like me and saying $49 is too much!! But sounds like you've used your current one for years. . and this one is good quality! Cute, huh?? And available at a click of your fingers. :)


    oooh. .this one is cool too!

  3. Well aren't you a helpful soul! Thanks my old friend. :-)

  4. Check e-bay. They have some, & you may be able to even find the L.L. Bean one for a fraction of the retail price.

  5. While I can't make any recommendations for a replacement purse/backpack, I would like to recommend that you wash your undergarments more frequently than your purse.

  6. @ Buddy! HA! Now THAT is funny!

  7. Yes, isn't my dear brother hilarious.

  8. Brothers are great and it seems all the same...always making helpful comments!

    I'm not a purse fan...a minimalist when I step out the door. If it doesn't attach to my clothing in some form or fashion, it stays in the car! Thank goodness for slings...Lawrence would be pretty unhappy being left in the car!