Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wild Connections

Today was Toby's off day. We were lucky enough to have a day where child wasn't sick and the day was perfect weather. Our destination today was the Wild Connections Butterfly Farm.
I'll give the place a 8 on a scale from 1-10 just because I liked the lady that was running the place. I got a lot of helpful and useful Austin info from talking to her in the gift shop.

Here we are in the butterfly tent..

Wonder what these Monarchs were up to??

We walked the trails next...

Toby and Summer marking off items found on the scavenger hunt list...

Summer found a swinging vine...

After our visit to the farm we were ready for lunch. The very nice lady in the gift shop recommended we eat at the Nutty Brown Cafe. We had seen it on our way into the farm and had already considered it as a potential place to eat lunch later.

True to her word, the food was not exceptional but the atmosphere was great. We ate outside underneath the trees. There was a huge stage where they have bands play in the evenings while you "wine and dine". :-)

It was a nice day. When we got home we relaxed a little bit then got started on some yard work. Summer thought cutting the grass looked like fun and wanted to give it a try....notice my next door neighbors grass. Too bad she doesn't think cutting the grass is fun. :-)

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  1. Nice pictures...that reminds me that I've never been to Biophillia over in Baldwin County. I think I'll put that on my list of things to do during our Spring break.

    LOL at your annoyance at the neighbor. Just remember that not ALL of us like the manicured look. She obviously wants a more "natural" appearance :~) Also...she "might" be doing an experiment to see what kinds of weed coolness emerges with time...that's something that I like to do here...lol. I know, I know...you chalk it up to laziness, yes?