Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Festival Here, A Festival There, Festivals Everywhere!

After another leisurely morning, we headed out to the Dragon Boat Festival around 11:30. We took the "ass end way" as I call it, to downtown. It's only a mile or two longer that way and saves us a lot of traffic trouble. We have had experiences on the weekend taking I-35 and didn't want a repeat of any of them.

We only stayed at the Dragon Boat Races for about an hour. They had plenty of entertainment and food there, but I was mostly interested in the boat races. Luckily when we first arrived they had just started a race. Here are a few pics:

Oh look! There's Mary Poppins again!

We finally were ready for lunch after walking around for a little while. All that Asian food looked and smelled really good. Unfortunately, everyone else thought so too. The line was very long...longer than what we wanted to wait in.

We left to grab a bite to eat, but before we went to eat we stopped into the Town Lake Animal Shelter in downtown. We have still been hunting for the right animal member to add to our family. I have always hated going into animal shelters of any kind. I am much to sensitive of a person to be looking into the eyes of a sad lonely animal that is probably doomed. I have to totally emotionally disconnect myself before I walk in or I would emotionally fall apart in front of everyone....I'm sure Toby and Summer would love that one.

Anyway, we walked away empty handed. All of the dogs there were were bigger dogs. We don't have a fenced in yard and I have an aversion to medium or larger dogs roaming around inside of my home....remember my motto, "Bigger dog, bigger mess."

As we were trying to make our way out of downtown we counted 4 other different festivals going on. Toby said he had recently read where Austin was listed as the #1 city in the U.S. with the most festivals...from a personal perspective, I believe that is true.

Our eating destination was the Central Market. It's one of those Austin places to eat, I'm sure because of the family friendly entertaining atmosphere. I was also impressed that the food was affordable and good. The wind was blowing at 200 mph hour today so we decided to eat our meal inside. After we ate we went outside to let Summer play on the playground while Toby and I let our food settle and enjoyed the band.

It was another great day....but it's always good to get home.


  1. I am once again jealous of all the cool things you guys do!
    I think the town next to us is having a city-wide garage sale in a week. Exciting! :-)

  2. Those boats looked pretty fun...It would be neat to try one out!

    Please tell Toby that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down...In the most delightful way!!!

    Hee hee! Still chuckling!