Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday April 5, 2009

Today was a very gruelling school day. Because of Toby's work schedule we only do "sit down" school work 3 days a week. This means that we have to work 5 days worth of school into 3 days...very tiring for both Summer and I. I do my best to make it fun though. Somehow she always manages to turn my lessons plans into her lesson plans. Somehow we still get everything covered that I wanted to cover that day....just in her way. Whatever works.

On another note, we made a decision the other day to purchase a new "toy". One of our favorite family things to do is watch movies. We don't subscribe to cable but we do have a Netflex account...which I might add is much, much cheaper than cable. We figured for what we were spending each month on Netflex movie rentals we could buy the ON DEMAND box and have access to instant watch movies whenever we wanted. The box is a one time price tag of $100. We have access to hundreds of instant watch movies anytime we choose! We all think we have died and gone to heaven.

So after school today Summer set off downstairs to watch her movies in her queue. As for me, I washed and folded a load of clothes, cleaned up a bit and made Summer and I some much needed lunch...or whatever you would call a mixture of lunch and dinner.

The weather has been in the lower 70's the past couple of days with the wind gusting at 40mph. Inside weather as far as I am concerned but my outside baby decided she wanted to venture outside around 4:oo p.m.

Soon after she went outside she came in gasping for air. When she came in she brought with her the smell of fire burning. It was all in the house and on her clothes.

She was alerting me there was a fire in the greenbelt. I know the dramatics of an 8 year old so I went out to investigate and yes...there was a fire in the greenbelt. Luckily it was in the greenbelt a couple of sections over from us and not directly behind us.

The smoke was thick and the wind was blowing in our direction so we were getting the smoke from the fire full force. At that point I didn't know if that particular greenbelt was connected to our greenbelt, so Summer, the neighbor kids, and I jumped into the car to go check it out.

We just followed the smoke. It was only about a mile from our house. The firefighters were there and it looked like they had it under control. I can see where a brush fire could get very out of control with the winds that we have here, so I was a might bit concerned.

I brought my camera for some pics but I couldn't get close enough because they had the streets blocked off.

Thank goodness Manor Fire Department is only a few short miles from where we live. YAY! and THANK YOU Manor Fire Department for saving Briarcreek Subdivision.

I thought about this incident afterwards. How often do we take for granted and not give thanks for the things that ordinary people and strangers do to protect and care for us. Yes, it may be their job...but it is also my job to take care of my family and home. Even so, it's always nice to get recognition and thanks for taking care of each other. Isn't it strange that the most important jobs get the least pay and recognition???

I think the Manor Fire Department might be due a personal thanks in the form of some kind of chocolate treat. :-)

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  1. Thank you for following my blog! It's really such a treat to see new faces pop up in that box!

    A netflix box, eh? I might have to look into that....we could really go for that.

    All those wildfires down south and up here we're suffering from floods; I'm sending you some "mental" water. Glad that you have good firefighters down there!