Friday, April 24, 2009

An Unexpected Fun, Ordinary Day

There was a toss up on our activities of choice for the weekend. We were contemplating camping this weekend, but I shot that one down. I really use to enjoy camping and have had many pleasant experiences camping in Alabama.

I have to be totally mentally prepared to camp. This entails knowing exactly where I am going to put my tent, a camping checklist, where the closest food joint is..just in case, and whether I can build a fire or not. Camping is not camping without a us anyway.

So, since there are so many other activities to keep us occupied in this wonderful area of Texas and there is always an on and off burn ban going on, I have not done a whole lot of research for camping areas. I almost feel like I could get the same effect of camping if I could pitch my tent out in the greenbelt behind my house.

We, or should I say me, finally made the decision to go to the Dragon Boat Festival at LB Lake tomorrow. That left us a free day for today.

All of us stayed up until midnight last night watching Meerkat Manor so we all slept in this morning...well everyone but me. Early this morning I heard the garbage man coming down the road in my sleep. I had to dart out of the bed at warp speed and drag the 300 lb garbage can to the road before they got to my house....whew, what an eye opener!

It was a very relaxing morning. No school to accomplish and no rushing to get somewhere. After a leisurely morning, we finally got out of the house by noon. We really didn't have a set destination at all, which was also very nice.

We decided to head to Walmart to do a little "window shopping". Since we didn't have any real destination, we stopped off to check out the Copperfield Nature Trail. This is the one I have been wanting to check out for a while. The trail was a lot longer and more interesting than anticipated it would be.

Here is a pic Summer took of me and Mary Poppins walking the path:

In the year and half that I have lived here I have never seen honeysuckle. There was whole field of them along the trail. I risked getting bit by the rattler that Summer and Toby heard just to get this pic:

After our very long unexpected walk we were ready for lunch. We ate at Carinos Italian. I have to say this is the best Italian eating that I have ever had. It was better than Olive Garden in my opinion...with the exception of the free wine samples that are served at Olive Garden. :-)

We finally made it to Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us. It was so nice to be able to just browse around these stores without being on a mission for any particular item. Matter of fact, our only two purchases were a Texas Monthly magazine and a compass for Summer.

Today just happened to be one of those unexpected fun ordinary days. I am very grateful for the break in our routine. I can only hope for more days like this in the future.

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  1. It's so nice when things just come together that way, isn't it?