Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boycotting the Bacterial Wipes

O.K. I have had just about enough of it! My daughter is sick yet again only 1 1/2 weeks after she just got over her last illness. I just read an article recently that the germaphobe trend is actually doing more harm than good. By using this product that is suppose to ward off germs we are actually creating a rebellion of the germs, therefore making ourselves sicker.

Well, I am here to tell you I believe it may be true. I was one of those naive people that jumped on the "germ war" band wagon when it was first introduced. Not because I had a fear of germs, but because I did not like caring for sick kids..or sick anything for that matter.

Going against the flow of nature has backfired on me once again. Since I have been using the "germ killer" religiously for the past few years, it seems that Summer has been sicker than ever before catching every cold/virus that comes along.

I breast fed the kid until she was 2 years old! According to statistics, she should have the immunity of iron.

Thinking back, when my son was young we never used "germ killer" of any kind...heck we barely even washed our hands back then. I never breast fed him at all and although he did have colds they were mostly related to his frequent ear infections. After the age of 6 years he was free and clear of most illnesses only catching colds once or twice a year.

From this day on, as hard as it may be to brainwash myself back to the day and age before antibacterial wipes, we will no longer use any product that is labeled anti-bacterial. Hopefully the damage that anti-bacterial products have done can be reversed.

I refuse to be a victim of the marketing scheme any longer. From now on if Summer gets sick I will know that it was earned honestly.


  1. Well...Kaitlyn and I have remained sick most of the new year, some allergies, some not. But it's been never ending.

    But...we've not been using ANY antibacterial products...NONE, but we used to. So, I guess we're getting ours honestly earned? or is this just the year of sickness. I've heard MANY have had the same issues this year.

    Sorry she's sick again...

    Honestly, I gave up the liquid stuff awhile back...still like the wipes to wash the resturant table with...they are NEVER clean, ever!

    Oh, that reminds me...I bought some EZ towels at Bass Pro (you can find them online)...they are small little towels made into a little puck like item. You just add water and wa-la, a nice towel to wipe your face, hands or antibacterial stuff, just a nice wipe :~) We've put some in the tackle boxes and backpacks. I still enjoy a nice clean hand...even if it's a little germie!

  2. Lawrence and I are the only ones in our family who have remained cold and/or flu free all year! I don't do the antibacterial stuff at all. But I wonder if the prenatal vitamins and Lawrence breast feeding might have anything to do with our extraordinary health this year?

    However,he's got the 'teething runny nose' going on right now. Better than a sickly runny nose!