Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Many Faces of Brandi....The DOG

Thinking about adding another animal addition to our family recently has got me to thinking about my little dog Brandi. I am going to tell you right away that I am not an avid animal lover. I care for animals and never want to see harm come to them but I am not one of those people that treat animals as though they are human.

Since moving to Austin I see there are many people in this world that seem to think their animals are indeed their "children". Animals around here are the majority in the swimming holes, have almost as many parks as the humans, and are even allowed in stores for no apparent reason other than that they are somebody's pet.

In Alabama most people owned dogs only for property protection or to engage in "Who's got the toughest dog" contests. *NOTE* I said most...not all, for any of you who may feel inclined to be offended by my observation.

Yes, I have always thought it odd when people treat their animals as though they are children or human. I can name a few people right off hand that treat their animals better than they do their family members.

My thoughts now. Toby brought Brandi home to me 3 years ago in the current month of April. After 3 years of owning Brandi I am now one of those weird people that treat their animals as if they are human. I even refer to Brandi and Summer as in "Summer go get your sister (Brandi) a piece of cheese, or Brandi go get in the bed with your sister"...NOW ISN'T THAT WEIRD??

I have always wanted a little dog but never had one until now. Something cuddly, not hairy and big. Something that couldn't gnaw up stuff even if it tried, something that made little messes, not big ones when it had accidents in the house.

So when Toby obtained Brandi for me I fell in love with her immediately. Since that day 3 years ago she has become my constant companion. She follows me from room to room and when I sit still long enough for her to jump into my lap that's where she settles down. I think she loves me as much as I love her.

Here are some of my favorite faces of Brandi..

Look...she even does tricks!

She sings too, but I KNOW no one wants to see a video of that. I have to start singing to get her to sing. It's really annoying to my family members, but I think it's cute. :-)


  1. Yeah, well, it happens. And it's good that it did. Dogs are so very special in every way, period. Sadie (my dawg) is the largest I've ever lived with. I hesitate to say "own" because, like you said, "children" are not something you own. Here is a recent pic of Sadie on a trail in Acadia Nat'l Park.

  2. Well girl, in your old age your heart had softened...welcome to the wacky world of pet children.

    I had a little white toy poodle that I treated exactly that way...she WAS my baby and I her momma. I do love all our pets today, but nothing quite compares to my Brittany girl...I miss her still.

    Brandi is a cutie...I can see why you might love her just a smidge...and you can definately see the love in her eyes :~)

  3. Welcome to the dark side!

  4. I enjoyed Brandi's walking trick! Ha! I like dogs and all, just not enough to be picking up poo in sub-freezing temps! :-)