Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

I'll begin by saying this Easter was not near as eventful as last years when Lucas was here and Toby was not at work. To put it mildly it was rather lonely around here this Easter.

Toby had to work, and our neighbors and friends had plans elsewhere with their families. It was just Summer and I. My intention was to just keep on with our regularly scheduled school day but she knew it was a holiday and therefore thought it was suppose to be something more special than a school day. She is so much more of a party girl than I am. She never complained but I knew she was wanting some company and fun.

I tried to make it as fun as I could for just the two of us but I was failing miserably. It's really hard to write this post without feeling just a bit sorry for myself. I guess lonely holidays are the drawbacks of moving half-way across the U.S. away from your favorite friends and loved ones. I'm sure my hormones aren't helping out any with my feelings either.

In the end I guess we did pretty good on our own. We ate a lot and watched a little T.V. together. The Easter Bunny brought Summer a play rifle in her basket....yes I said a rifle. Ever since we visited Cabela's and she shot the rifle in the shooting gallery she has been wanting her own rifle so she could target practice.

It was a nice warm day so we went outside for a little while. Before our neighbors next door left for their family event, they brought us over some cascerones. Cascerones are a Mexican tradition. They are hollowed out eggs filled with confetti. The object is to crack them over people's heads to bring good luck.

Olivia makes her own. She starts making them in January so she has plenty made just in time for Easter. I had never heard of cascerones before I moved here. They're o.k but they are little too messy for my taste....the kids LOVE them though.

Here is Summer and I celebrating Easter with our cascerones..

Around 6 p.m I decided we would drive up to East Metro Park. I thought it would break up the end of our day a little bit. East Metro is a beautiful park and I like to utilize it as much as possible since it's right down the road.

I also decided to bring my camera hoping that I would get some good wildflower shots. No luck. I don't know what happened to all of the wildflowers this year...maybe the past couple of years of drought has something to do with it. I haven't been in Austin long enough to learn it's weather patterns.

Here is the only pic I got worth posting. I love the prickly pear blooms. You can seem them about to burst open in this photo. I'll be back next week to get a pic of the beautiful yellow bloom they produce.

Summer and I walked the trails at the park and just enjoyed the beautiful evening. I'm glad we decided to go to the park. I think it put a more positive spin on my day. I came home feeling grateful to at least have her with me and to have such a beautiful day to have enjoyed with her.


  1. I know the feeling. We were in SC for 17 years. Holidays can be very lonely & it does make you feel really sad sometimes.

  2. I was missing family this Easter as well. I had planned to go to MS but several factors led to my staying home instead. Your neighbors' traditional egg craft is really cool.

  3. I know what ya mean about the holidays...we try to do something out of the ordinary or totally untraditional every holiday we are away from the extended family. Kind of makes the pining less hurtful!