Friday, April 3, 2009

Wonder World Park

With the process of elimination we finally chose Wonder World as our destination for the day.

We arrived at the park after an hour drive ready for action. I was glad to see that we seemed to be the only ones there. We browsed around the gift shop while we were waiting for the petting zoo train to depart. Summer was in hog's heaven with all the rocks and gems they had in there.

Finally it was time to board the train. Here we are headed for the petting zoo:

Here we are inside of the zoo. The deer were very tame. They were even letting us pet them. The guide told us when they were smaller they would climb into the train to get to the food.

Next we toured the cave. It was nothing like I expected. I had never been in a cave before. A few years ago we went to Desoto Caverns in Alabama so I was expecting something along those lines. In just a few words, it was cold, dark, damp, and creepy. It was also huge with plenty of "hallways" and "rooms"...even so, I was still getting a little claustrophobic.

I won't bore you with the history of the cave, but it was very interesting. I will add a short snippit that may interest some of you. If not, skip it and go on to the next section:

My only hope was that the earthquake that created the cave so many, many years ago would not decide to show it's face again while we were down in there or worse, somehow loose the power source of light that led us through.

Again, with photos like this you can never capture the depth or the mood of the subject....or at least not with my amateur camera. Here is my best attempt:

Next we were elevated to the top of this tower.....

....where we got to view the "Hill Country" from one side and the "Prairie Land" from the other side...I commented that the Hill Country didn't look as hilly as it does when you are on the ground. From the tower I really couldn't tell that much difference. See for yourself:

The Hill Country view...

The Prairie Land view. We live on this side....see our house way in the distance?? Just kidding..

After the tower, Toby and Summer went into Anti-Gravity House. I really wasn't sure what tricks this place had up it's sleve, so I waited outside and took some random pics for my personal collection.

We all really enjoyed the attraction and all the guides and workers were extra friendly. I would recommend it to anyone that may be passing through San Marcos, Texas. :-)

Here are just a few miscellaneous pics of our day:

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