Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tidbits Of Our Life

Ever since the loss of Percy the cat back in November, Summer has wanted a replacement. I have been reluctant. First of all, I don't really like cats..never have. The only reason I agreed for her to have a cat was because I thought it would require less care than a dog...or so I thought.

Granted, less care it was but it ended up being just as much of a PIA than a dog. Don't get me wrong I love animals to a certain extent, that is, until I had children. After I had children the idea of adding something else to my "care for" list went flying out the window.

So, Percy has never been replaced because I haven't thought of animal that could replace her that would require little or no care. In reality I

After a lot of thought on the issue, this is the decision I have come up with and it's reason. I have promised Summer an animal of her own to care for. Brandi is my baby and everyone in our family knows that. So I have decided that we have had such good luck with Brandi that we would add another very small dog to our family.

The search has been on but we have not found what we are looking for...yet. I have put in our order to the universe and now I am awaiting its arrival. :-)

For now we have Muffin. Muffin lives across the street and is a very friendly cat. She has made friends with every neighbor that will welcome her into their yard. She really loves us neighbors that live against the greenbelt. She has access underneath our fences to the mice and other tasty cat treats that may be running around out there.

Here she is on one of her visits:


The greenbelt where Muffin hunts her tasty treats:


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  1. LOL...sometimes the best pets are those you don't own! Muffin is a cutie and it looks like Summer found the perfect playing toy :~)

    Love the pictures...everything looks so fresh now that winter is over, yea!

    Good luck on your search!