Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Touring Austin, Texas

Today Angela and I shook up playdate a little bit by heading to downtown Austin. Angela was looking for her mom and dad some "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirts (Austin's trademark). The souvenior shops in downtown Austin are the only places that I had ever seen them. Angela's souvenior search gave us a good reason to be tourists in our own city...something I think everyone should do within their own city.

Luck was on our side and it was an absolutely beautiful day to be walking the streets of downtown. As many times as I have been downtown I still find myself getting turned bass-akwards in a city that is much larger than what I am accustomed to. Good thing Angela has a much better sense of direction than I do.

We started out our tour by walking 6th Street (the Entertainment District). 6th Street is certainly entertaining, although not in the sense that the term was coined, I'm sure.

We browsed all the shops on 6th and watched some of the oddities that can make even the most weirdness immune Austinites take a second look.

After our t-shirt shopping was accomplished we headed into the Lucky Lizard to check out the Museum of the Weird. Summer and I have been in there before. I knew it was a place that little Jaiden would probably not take a liking to. I didn't realize that my "fearful personalitied" daughter would also decide that it was too scary for her to go into also.

In the end, everyone but Jaiden took a tour through the weird museum. Because of 2 little girls in particular, Jaiden and Summer's, fear factor we had to take turns going in. Angela went in by herself...brave girl, and seemed to enjoy it. I guess when you have 3 kids being anywhere by yourself is welcoming. :-)

After the museum we toured the Driskill Hotel. Because of the stairs, balconies, and massive spaciousness of this hotel, it is always a fun place for the kids and adults alike.

After all our walking it was time to take a break with some Jamba Juice.

Here we are passing time while baby Kate Linh drinks her "Jamba Juice". :-)

Our last stop was the Arthouse at the Jones Center. It's typically one of those places that has weird art. Today the displays were more along the lines of the art that I would consider "art". Here's the gang checking out the bicylce made out of wood.

I am always really impressed with how well Angela's little ones endure long days. Angela is one of those moms that make child rearing look easy. She is a natural mom and friend and always one of those people you walk away from feeling a positive energy.

It was finally time to end our day of fun. No one in their right mind likes IH-35 at peak traffic hour.

Here are just a few random pics of the end of our tour.

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  1. What a beautiful field trip and it looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you live in a weird place!