Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11, 2009

Last night Toby got a call from a co-worker asking him if he could take over his shift for tonight. Toby usually only works every other Saturday. Today was his Saturday to be off and I had a family activity planned for us.

Toby asked me what I thought about him going in and taking the guy's shift. After thinking it over I decided I wouldn't mind. After all, Summer is still trying to get over a cold and the weather is forcasted to be in the low 70's with a percentage of rain. The activity I had planned is an outside activity and the thoughts of being outside in cooler temps in the drizzling rain with a daughter that was trying to recuperate from a 7 day cold virus somehow did not sound like a good idea.

Toby did not have to be in to work until 5:00p.m so that left us with almost a whole day to do something. My fellow blogger and friend Candy sparked in me the idea of checking out the adoptable pets at Pet Smart. She blogged that on her side of the world Pet Smart was having a half off animal adoption Easter special. I figured Pet Smart is Pet Smart no matter where you are and decided we would check out our area Pet Smart for the same Easter deal.

We never made it out the door today. It seems some little "angel miss" had her mouth and attitude fully loaded this morning. Too bad she picked this particular day for a bad could have been the day she came home with a long awaited pet. Hopefully next time she remembers the consequences before she acts. I'm sure she will for a little while until the memory wears off and she has to be reminded again.

Unfortunately for me, her punishment was also a punishment to me. I was looking forward to getting out and about today. I also wanted to check out a hiking trail nearby on our way to Pet Smart. Instead I got to stay home cooking and washing clothes. On the positive side, I did get caught up on my chores and even managed to work me in a long walk.

Looking back on the incident, I should have thought of a different form of punishment. Not taking her to Pet Smart was just the one thing I knew that would affect her so it was the first thing I spouted off.

Later on in the afternoon I let Summer go outside and play. Her and the neighbor kids brought these beautiful bluebonnets to me...

These beautiful flowers are the Texas state flower. They are everywhere in the spring. I love their color. I have adopted them along with the state of Texas as being my favorite wildflower. :-)

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  1. I hate when I do that...punish the kids and I miss the fun! Maybe next time she could wash and fold the clothes instead.

    Beautiful flowers! I have a green vase identical to that one!