Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas State Cemetery

For some reason the last two days have seemed very tiresome....mentally that is.
Toby had some tattoo supplies to pick up near downtown today so I welcomed the change to get Summer and I out of the house away from reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Whenever we are planning to be near downtown I like to pull out my old faithful "List of things to see and do in Austin." The Texas State Cemetery was only a couple of streets over from where Toby had to pick up his supplies so I decided that's where our field trip would be for the day. The Cemetery is the final resting place for Governors, Senators, Legislators, Congressmen, Judges and other legendary Texans.

Even though the temps were in the 30's last night, by noon the day had warmed up quite nicely. As long as you stayed out in the sun, which is not hard to do in Austin, it was warm enough for short sleeves and shorts. Strange weather lately...I'll be glad when it creeps on out of here.

It happened to be the most elaborate cemetery I had ever been in. Not that I had many to compare it to. Summer commented on how much marble and granite were used on "dead people" as she called them. Children are so honest it's refreshing and funny. Anyway, she knows the expense of such rocks because her uncle is in the granite business and has stressed to her in the past how expensive it is.

Her comment got me to thinking about death and how much money is spent on the deceased, from thousands to millions of dollars...such a waste. It seems to me people should be honored and loved while they are alive, not when they are dead and gone. Could it be this elaborate show be only for the living???? Hmmm...isn't all of life just a show for somebody else??

I'll stop right here on my thoughts on death. That would be a whole different blog.

Here are some pics of our day at the cemetery:

There was much historical information to be had. Here is Summer educating herself on some Texas history. Truthfully, Toby and I are the only ones that are ever interested in Texas history. :-) Summer just likes to operate the computers.

This structure brought forth a little awe and emotion from our nations history.

The structure honored all the Texans that were there in the towers for whatever reason when it was bombed. The crazy things people will do in the name of Jesus, Allah, or whatever they call their idol. Don't blame the Muslims. They were just doing what their particular religious upbringing brainwashed them to do. Any one of us is guilty of believing something somebody else told us just because they said it was true. Follow your heart not your mind.

After we walked the cemetery we had worked up our appetite. We chose Serrano's since it was downtown and close to the cemetery. Unfortunately, as usual there was something going on downtown which limited the parking space. We didn't have any change for the parking meter and the Capitol garage was full.

We gave up and decided to drive to South Austin in search of something new and different to eat. We had to go to Wal-Mart anyway and it was the closest one from downtown. Luckily we came upon another Serrano's in the Walmart Shopping Center. How lucky our day was!

Here is Toby and Summer enjoying the yummy queso:

When we first moved here I had a real issue with the Mexican food. It's not real Mexican food it's Tex-Mex. I guess there really is a such thing as acquired taste because Tex-Mex is now scrumptious to us!

After we ate we stopped into the Borders Book Store. I LOVE book stores, any kind of book places appeal to me whether it be the library, a used book store, or the Goodwill. I show no prejudices when it comes to books.

I wish my daughter showed the same love of books.....I do realize she has her own interest and will pursue them with as much gusto as I do my beloved books.

We then ventured into Walmart to grab some bare essentials and headed home. Even though it was a good day, I am always happy to see my house as I drive up into the driveway after a long day in the "city". Home = Relaxation

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  1. I hope to leave something more tangible from the life I've lived than a piece of granite. Have told my wife to not waste the money. She feels the same ....about herself.

    Yeah, Tex-Mex will grow on you. If you are really up for a treat, try the shrimp enchilads at Corazón -- at 5th and Baylor. Most excellent.