Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camp Mabry Celebration

Toby's days off are Tues., Fri., and Sat. On two out of these three days I plan family activities. Unfortunately sometimes those plans get squelched by the weather. For instance on Friday we had rain ALL DAY long.

I didn't complain at all because rain is something that we have been severely lacking in for over a year now. It just would be nice if the rain made it convenient for me and would come on the days that I am already stuck inside doing school work or chores instead of our family days off.

This morning the rain was slowly clearing out of the area. We decided to attend the Camp Mabry Celebration. Toby had been wanting to check Camp Mabry out for a while so I thought this celebration would be the perfect chance.

There were games, fingerprinting, food, activities, war reinactments, etc. I won't bore you with all the pics I took today but here are some of my favorites:

This guy was really good at card tricks. He had Toby and I amazed.

This guy was carving his own arrowheads. We found out that what we suspected was true...there are arrowheads all over Austin! I have been inspired to search the ground a little harder so we can add to Toby's Alabama arrowhead collection:

Toby's collection:

Summer throwing an arrow and taking a ride on a horse:

Even though we had a great day, there was one incident. Summer was playing the golf game and the little guy children's helper was trying to show her how to hold and swing the club correctly. His instruction backfired on him. See the guy in the blue in the picture below?? Well, he ended up with a bloody face and a gash in his forhead that probably will require a few stitches. He was standing a little too close to the kid with the golf kid.

Summer felt so bad about it. There was so much commotion around the guy because he was bleeding profusly. Head wounds always bleed more than others anyway. They finally whisked him away to the medic center. Poor guy.

Other than the incident, it was a wonderful day....for us anyway.


  1. Tell Summer not to feel too bad. The guy in blue is either Navy or Coast Guard. I am sure Summer didn't beat him up any worse than your run-of-the-mill Marines would.

  2. Hee Hee! One of the many hazards of working with children handling large metal sticks!