Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another HOT Day in Central Texas!

With the temps climbing way into the mid 100's, we have been trying our best to keep cool. There are plenty of outdoor things I would love to be doing but as much as I love the heat, triple digits are just a little too high for me.

Since Toby leaves all the daily activity planning up to me I planned for us to go to IKEA today. IKEA is in Round Rock, Tx. I have had my mind set on some new living room furniture and had heard locals speak of IKEA numerous times.

As we drove into the parking lot of the store I was amazed at the massiveness of the building. I could tell by looking at the outside of it that it was going to be like Fry's big you need a store map to get around.

We decided not to follow the store map and just make our way around the store aimlessly. After all, we had the whole day to kill.

Luckily we found the living area section first. IKEA is a Sweedish store. The whole selection of living area furniture was contemporary. I love the contemporary look...matter of fact it is my favorite look, but the furniture's comfort left little to be desired. Hubby is a real comfort kind of guy, so I KNEW the furniture would never fly with him.

Without going into great detail, I have to say the rest of the store merchandise was impressive. Toby came away with a table he needed for work, and I walked away with a few goodies furniture though.

After we spent an hour or so walking around this massive store we ate our lunch there. Yes, they had a restaurant area there. The food was tasty too....or it could have been just because we were all starved. They also had a play area for kids there. We never managed to make it to that area.....

After we left IKEA we decided since we were in Round Rock we would try out another one of the Man vs. Food eating establishments. This would be our third Man vs. Food sampling.....Juan in A Million, Salt Lick, and now Round Rock Donuts.

Round Rock Donuts was a really small establishment and there was only one table in there to eat at....and it was taken. While we were giving them our order they asked us if we had ever been there before. We told them no that this was our first visit and that we had heard about them from Man vs. Food. They then went into the back and brought us all three a freshly made warm donut. It was delicious. It reminded me of the donuts I used to get at at the Government Street Krispy Kreme in Mobile. Sigh....there are many small things I miss about Mobile....

After the donut shop we hit a couple more shopping establishments...Target, HEB, J.C. Penney, etc.

Needless to say I was wore out from heat exhaustion by the time I got home. I am thinking of investing in tinted windows for my car here. The sun is just too extreme not to have them...


  1. Sounds like a busy day. You have more energy than I do on a hot day. It is just starting to warm up where I live. Today was around 75.

  2. I miss Krispy Kreme too! There isn't even a cheap substitute here. 5 days and counting to my home leave!!!

  3. Just yesterday I consumed mass quantities of Hot Donuts Now from KK! We have Duncan Donuts in Cincy. Blech!

  4. Of all the things I miss about central Texas, I DO NOT miss the heat. I do not understand how people who do not have AC struggle through it.

  5. We have been in triple digits too. and with the heat index and humidity it feels 10 degrees warmer than actual temp. I have just been toughing it out at the resturant and closing the order window any chance I get.