Friday, June 19, 2009

The New "Do"

Just for those of you who were interested in my new hairdo I will post a pic. I will point out one thing about myself. Although I love changes and extremities in my personal life, I don't like big or extensive changes in the way I look. My hair is simple....very simple. So is my makeup and clothes. My looks are really rather boring compared to the excitement that I like in my life. :-)

When I say I get a haircut it usually means that I just got a few inches chopped off of my length. Matter of fact, most of the time I get my haircut my family never even notices it.

This is the most current pic I have of myself. Summer took it the other day while we were at the Vineyard.

Here it is for the readers that inquired.....


  1. Looks fab lady!

    I use to change my hair drastically when I had short hair; it's easy to change a mistake when it's going to "grow out" in a few weeks (especially things like hair color). I stopped when I grew my hair out in the last few years. I'm almost paranoid about cutting it because I used to make such drastic changes and I don't want to have to grow it out again!
    So I understand why other folks might not "get it" that a hair cut doesn't necessarily mean that they will notice much difference.
    I can tell though--just look at those pretty ends! :-)

  2. Cute! I like it. Simple and pretty -

  3. Thanks for posting! EFF likes CGA's hair! It looks purrty!

  4. LOL...well you look beautiful as always (but I don't see a difference!) ...and of course this coming from a lady who hasn't set foot in a hair cutting type of shop in years!

    I had to laugh because I thought that was an "old" photo of you and I scrolled down real quick to find the "new" photo & do!

    Love ya!