Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009

Today is typically our family day, but Toby had to fill in for one of the other artists today. Saturday is not usually a school day for us either so Summer and I decided to make it a girl day. A girl day to us usually entails doing what we want, spending what we want, and eating what we want without any male interference.

Our first stop was Big Lots. I love Big Lots. I was prepared to spend a little money but nothing struck my fancy. Isn't funny how when you have money to spend you can't find anything to buy, but when you are strapped everything in the store calls your name??

Our next stop was Half Price Books, a popular book store here in Austin. Summer is participating in their Summer reading program so we went redeem her form and pick out a couple books. I also wanted to look for myself while we were there, but I spent most of my time trying to help her figure out what she wanted....which is not an easy task.

After the book store we stopped and ate at Chik-fi-la. Mmmmm....always good. While we were taking our break and eating, Summer pointed out how she had seen so many kids with glasses on. Good observation on her part. I didn't notice until she pointed it out, there were a lot of kids out today with glasses on....

After we ate we headed to the dreaded Walmart. I hardly ever step foot into Walmart since we have moved to Texas. There are too many other shopping options. I needed a new bra though and Walmart was convenient to my location at the time.

Bra's are something that I consider a luxury. I will wear one for years. I hate spending money on something that no one ever sees...besides hubby that is, and he certainly doesn't care what my bra looks like despite what Victoria Secret says. Anyway, as long as it still fits I will wear them out. So when I say I need a bra, I really needed a bra. I actually bought a couple of bras. I'm sure this is to much information for some, but it was part of my day so I included it.

When we got home we chilled out a while and ate a snack. After I was rested a little from our shopping spree, I decided that I would puree all the veggies I bought at the store yesterday. Summer helped. I was dreading it 'cause I knew it would be time consuming and tedious. Just for your information, the reason I am pureeing veggies is so I can sneak them into my very picky daughters meals. I'm not sure if she figured that out yet. She just thought it was fun. We will see how well this trick works out.

Later on in the evening, the kids wanted to get under the sprinkler on this very hot afternoon. It's amazing what will entertain kids. I don't even know why we even buy toys. Look how well a sheet, a sprinkler, and a trampoline can entertain kids....

Just one last tidbit. The other day I was looking for Brandi. She's small and has a bad habit of "hiding" from us. She likes to be left alone to sleep peacefully and usually does not "answer" unless she thinks there is something in it for her.

Here is where I finally located her...sandwiched in between Toby's pillows in our bed. All you could see was her little nose sticking out while she totally ignored our calls. Bad dog.

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  1. awww, Brandi looks cute. . .maybe she needs some me time like we do!
    Glad Summer seems to be feeling better!