Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Today was our weekly playdate. With the temps soaring to 107 degrees we figured the best place to be is in the water. We decided to check out another area waterpark that we have had our eyes on since last summer and never managed to make it there.

I haven't been bringing my camera to the waterparks because it's cumbersome to keep up with in an area with so much water and activity. Today I really regretted that I did not have my camera. I could have got some perfect shots.

This particular waterpark is a bit smaller than the one we usually go to and doesn't have as fancy a lazy river, but the slides at this one could not be my opinion anyway. I usually don't do slides in a waterpark but these were really cool. I actually ended up sliding more than my share.

Angela and I usually end up playing musical kids at the waterparks that way everyone gets to get in on a piece of the fun. It's a good thing baby Kate Linh is such a good sport or she would probably hate us all by now. :-)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the waterpark for the first couple of hours....that is until all our fun was spoiled. Seems someone had an "accident" in the pool. I'm not sure if they were saying "poop" or "puke" in the pool but it didn't really matter. Once everyone heard that whistle blow and the lifeguard hollering one of those two words everyone flew out of the pool as if someone had called SHARK!

After everyone was out of the pool they were giving the pool a cleaning. They claimed it would be back open again in another 30 minutes. We decided that we would just leave, as most everyone did. Somehow, I was no longer confident about swimming in a waterpark that had just recently had bodily matter floating around in it. I'm sure this probably happens all the time, but "what you don't know about don't hurt ya."

We decided since our day at the waterpark was cut short that we would take the kids to the nearby park. Even though is was probably 105 degrees the park was shaded. In the shade it's not too bad...or either you just get used to the heat.

We let them play a little while before we decided we had had enough heat for one day.

On the way home I decided to call Toby and see if he had already headed to work. I was a little hungry and thought we might be passing each other. I was in luck. He was coming up Parmer Road as I was heading home on Parmer.

We decided to meet in between at the Jack in the Box. It was nice to have a quick lunch with him before he went to work. I had left him home cutting the grass and doing yardwork. He told me he was so hot that he wished he had gone with us to the waterpark.....

After our lunch Summer and I ran into the CVS pharmacy so I could pick up a new tube of lipstick. Summer then decided she wanted to spend a little of her allowance. She didn't have enough money for anything in the CVS so we stopped at the Dollar General near the house.

I always like to support local businesses so we also stopped and got a snowcone from the Manor shaved ice guy. They're cheap and they're good.

Although I don't usually take summers off for school I have been thinking seriously about forgoing summer school for a while. We have just too much going on to be able to keep focused on schoolwork....

By the time we made it home I felt like I needed a nap.....and I don't take naps. I like keeping busy and today was definitely a busy day!


  1. I know it isn't really funny, but I couldn't help but to think about Caddyshack when you mentioned poop in the pool. Too bad it ruined your day!

  2. Ahhh poop in the pool. Yes, I remember those days. One time we arrived at a pool that just didn't look clean, but my daughters begged me to let them swim for just a while. That started two years of trying to clear up a recurring eye infection. A bad one! You were right to go home. On the other hand, pools are summer and no swimming is just not in my play book. It's when your intuition says no, then no it should be.

    107! It is only 79 here.

  3. 30 minutes to clean a pool? Wow. We close down for at least 12 after a poopy event. After we remove the offending matter with a net that has been replaced more times than I care to count we vacuum, backwash, and double shock the pool. After all that I always warn the next swimmers that the chemical content is really high. I just don't know how all that could be accomplished in 30 minutes. After owning a pool open to the public I will probably inquire about the cleaning process of any public pool I plan to swim in.

  4. Don't give up totally on summer school just cut back. kathryn and I are just working on Math and Reading because I know if I let her go just a little she will take the whole mile and i am not ready to back slide that much over the summer. We made too much progress over the school year.

    Sorry about the water park it sounds like you were having fun, but on the bright side if it hadn't happened you wouldn't have had lunch with Toby.

  5. ps they make cameras that are safe to use around the water for days like this. They are basic 35 mm but they work well. :)