Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This And That and Escaping the Heat

Today was Toby's off day and I woke up much later than I usually do...shame on me. What's worse is that I didn't have a game plan for the day. The adventure seeker in myself was a little uncomfortable with not having a plan but it was soon solved when a co-worker of Toby's called and asked if we wanted to come swim at the waterpark in their subdivision not far from us. Yes, there is a subdivision with a water park here in little ole' Manor, Texas.

So the plan was to call him back in an hour to make plans to meetup with him and his kids at the waterpark. Well as things go sometimes, we called him back in promptly an hour just as we were instructed.

Seems he decided that he had better things to do or something came up, because he never answered or returned our call. I have learned when things like this happen to not get offended or take it personally. I just learn my lesson and know to be more cautious with that particular person the next time.

So in the meantime of waiting around on somebody elses time clock, I decided that we would proceed to our other daily destination while we waited on our callback...after all my time is precious too.

I was in need of some postcards for a project I am working on. I know I see Austin postcards everywhere I go, but for some reason when I was looking for them they were nowhere in sight. Isn't that the way it goes??? After checking a few places that I thought they may have them, I finally decided to head to Walmart...after all Walmart has everything. Even though, I knew for sure that downtown Austin would have them, I wasn't really in the mode to go to downtown in in a bathing apparel.

Walmart did have them, but not the selection I was looking for. I picked a few that I could use for the time being. While we were there we decided to buy a new coffee maker.

The one we have now has to be at least 10 years old or older. It still works fine, but I have an aversion to getting up bleary-eyed and making my coffee. I prefer to have my coffee already made when I stumble into the kitchen so we bought one with an automatic timer.

We shopped around Walmart for awhile and still had not heard back from the 'friend" who had invited us to the waterpark. It was way after lunchtime by the time we finished Walmart shopping. We had our lunch at Luby's. Luby's is always good...and fattening of course.

After lunch we had given up the idea that the "friend" would call us back so we headed back home to our pool. After all, in my opinion, it's just as good as the one in Shadowglen...minus the waterslides.

We stayed longer than we usually do at our local pool. It was hot as blazes and the pool was uncrowded at the time of day. Toby and I sneaked in a little exercise taking turns swimming laps.

I tried to do a little sun worshipping, but that's almost virtually impossible in triple digit temps. I could feel the sun literally burning my skin. I spent most of my time in the pool with Toby and Summer...something I don't usually do.

Even though our day did not go as planned we ended up having a pretty good we usually do when we are all together as a family. :-)

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  1. I hate it when people do that! I hate it even more when those people are family........... Lesson learned. Glad you had a good day in spite of it, though. A trip to WalMart makes it all okay!