Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Much Needed Day With Me

I guess the Universe must have been listening to my thoughts yesterday. I was in real need of some me time and somehow through all things that we had going on yesterday, I managed to get it.

We had to take both our vehicles with us to the shop so we could carry the small stuff in my car and the big stuff in the 4Runner. Summer doesn't get to ride in the 4Runner very often so she decided she was going to ride with Toby.

I was really glad about this for a couple of different reasons. I had to stop by the library to pick up a book I had on hold....Eat Pray Love. The library I had it on hold at is not my usual library, it's just the library that is most convenient for me. I also knew that after I picked the book up I was taking a way that I am not real familiar with to stop by the bank and head on to the shop to meet Toby.

I knew that I would be struggling to find my way, as I usually do when I am in uncharted territory. Summer usually gets really panicked when she thinks I am "lost". In her little mind I guess she thinks we will never get home...in my mind I know we will get home, it just may be the "long way home".

So it was nice to be able to struggle my way through Austin's road system without also having to keep my passenger calm. I had a very relaxing drive despite my having to use a map while I drove.

When I finally made it to the shop Toby was mostly through with breaking his stuff down. After we loaded it all in our vehicles, Summer decided that she would again ride with Toby. Yohoo! I couldn't believe that I was going to get peace and quite in the car twice in one day.

We arrived to the Pflugerville shop at the same time and unloaded everything out of the cars into the shop. Having never been to the Phflugerville shop...except for seeing it as I pass it on the interstate, I was impressed. The shop is a lot larger and newer than the one in Austin. It reminded me of a department store it was so large.

After we unloaded everything it was time for lunch. We walked down to Cheddars and ate lunch. Summer insisted on sitting next to Toby while we ate. She was definitely being a daddy's girl and I didn't mind one bit. I think Toby was rather enjoying it himself.

After our lunch we decided that we would get all of our errands done so that we could spend the next couple of his off days until he starts at the new shop, doing something fun.

Again, Summer opted to ride with Toby to Home Depot and the Medical Supply Store. I decided since I didn't have any tag along to complain about what we were doing, that I would stop in and get me a way overdue haircut.

Since living in Austin, I have been lucky enough not to have anyone butcher my hair. The stylist did a great job and my head feels pounds lighter. :-)

After my haircut I headed for my dreaded grocery store trip. Not having someone with me made it so much easier to shop and not near as stressful. I could actually think about what I was doing. Matter of fact, I have figured out that grocery shopping can be somewhat relaxing when you are doing it solo.

After we all got home, we headed to the pool to cool off from the triple digits temps we had been out in all day. We had the pool pretty much to ourselves so we played Marco Polo. It was really fun, even though Toby kept winning.

I'm sure Toby did not purposely give me a "mom day", but I was sure thankful for it anyway.


  1. yay for you! i want to see your new haircut!

  2. OOOH. .I enjoyed Eat Pray Love. .very thought-provoking book. .You must blog your reactions once you have read it! Or at the very least have a chat with me about it. :) Your blog entry just reminded me that someone told me of a sequel for that, I believe. Off to check that out.

  3. Wow a mom day. Since being at the resturant I ahve not had a mom day but more than that I miss mommy and Kathryn time that is away from the resturant. I glad you had fun. Post a pic of the new dew.