Monday, June 29, 2009

Swimming Fools

The only way to describe my life for the past couple of days is "swimming fools". Since we have erected our soft side pool, Summer and I have spent most of our time in it. Mind you, this pool is a 14fter so it's no large pool. You know I have to be really hot, the grown woman I am, to be swimming around in a pool of that size.

Granted I would love to just be floating around in it on my $3 Dollar Store raft while soaking up the sun's rays. Unfortunately, Summer usually has other plans when I am in the pool. Matter of fact,she even told me that I didn't need to be on the raft anyway because the picture on the raft package showed a young skinny woman. She informed that I was neither young or skinny so I didn't need to be using it....thanks Sum.

Me trying to relax on my raft in the pool is akin to my brother and I prying my mother's eyelids open on early Saturday mornings when we were kids.
My mama wanted to sleep in...I just want to float and relax. Like daddy used to say.."Spit in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster".

O'well, as my mother did, I try to make the best of it. After all, Summer is probably saving me from skin cancer.

Today, being Monday was an especially full day for me. Monday is always my full chore day....bill, laundry, grocery list, etc. I actually got a head start this morning which was very helpful. I usually arise around 7:00-7:30 in the morning. For some reason or another I was awake at 6:00. I actually did try and go back to sleep, but I kept thinking about how I needed to water the lawn before it got to hot. I decided to get my day started earlier than usual....after all, early morning is usually the only peace and quite I get.

Toby will be off for three days this week and I am so glad.....actually I am very grateful that I have a husband that is involved in his family's life. When he is home it takes the pressure off of me. Children are very demanding and at my age I don't have much patience left for child rearing.


  1. After 8 years of waking me up at the crack of 6:30, my eldest daughter is finally sleeping in till 9:30. Of course, her sister still wakes me up by 7:15, so I'm only gaining about 45 minutes...but I'll take it.

    I wish our warm snap had stayed just a bit longer, we only got about a solid week of above-80's where it's actually warm enough to play in the pool. I laughed when I read about you in the kiddie pool: one day it was in the upper 90's and I climbed, along with my youngest, right into the teeny kiddie pool we have. It was pure heaven. Let's put it this way, a floating raft would be used as a cover for this pool, it's so tiny.
    I don't blame you for being a swimming fool one bit.

  2. Children are great for making us feel exactly like the gorgeous babes we are, aren't they? *sigh*

    Archie tells me what a big hiney I have constantly.

  3. Enjoy the privacy you have with you little pool. I have been in only one time so far this season and that was to clean it!