Friday, June 5, 2009

Considered Ho Hum

Yes, that is what my week has been like...ho hum. I missed my weekly playdate because of Summer's illness. Yes, I call it my playdate as well. Any parent that is with their child 24/7 is definitely worthy of some adult conversation from time to time.

Not that hubby doesn't give adult conversation...well his is more like adult interaction if you know what I mean. Just one more person on my list of "things to do" and people to "satisfy".

So we have just kinda hung out around the house. Thank God I find comfort in my home and entertain myself easily, otherwise my wandering spirit would go insane. After a year and half I still have many things that I have yet to explore in this wonderful city and it's surrounding areas and I am not getting any younger.

There is really not much to post about. Here are just a few pics to occupy you until I have something more entertaining to write about.

A beautiful backyard sunset...

Summer entertaining herself blowing bubbles.

The neighbors pup, Chloe. Chloe spends most of her time in our yard gnawing up anything she can find and trampling through my flower beds. :-/

Toby doing what he loves best..yardwork.

Summer setting Philipe straight about something or another.

Another beautiful backyard sunset. I have never seen such beautiful sunsets as I have here in Texas. Not even the beautiful beach sunsets have them beat.


  1. Send Toby here, we have 40 acres to mow!

  2. Hey, what are those lilly type thingies along the fence??

  3. You know? We've been stuck at home all week too--it must be contagious!