Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday June 11, 2009

I'm sure everyone is pretty sick of me whining about my A/C woes...probably as sick of it as I am dealing with it, so I'll make this quick and painless.

After having an A/C "expert" over here explaining to me everything that was wrong with the installation of my A/C (how it was not up to code and how it was sitting to close to my water spicket, which I already knew) and letting me know that I had a freon leak (which I already knew) he proceeded to call the a/c company that had been to my house last summer and replaced a coil...when my house was still under warranty.

To make a long story short all I got was a bunch of arguing between a couple of men who were pointing fingers, slinging ultimatums, and trying to pawn the job off on someone else. All I wanted was my a/c fixed, I didn't care about all the other details.....JUST FIX MY DAMN AIR!

By the end of the day after getting nowhere with the two "expert" a/c guys. I finally opened up my phone book around 6:00p.m to a random a/c repair page. I just picked the first one I came to and gave them a call. The secretary was very nice and told me there would be someone out within the hour. WOW! Now how easy was that..

The guy came out, simply told us what our problem was, and made plans to be back the next morning to install the defective part....which of course they had to order. Help is on the way and I feel much better.

We did have a morning playdate at the pool. Angela met at the pool around 11:00. When we got there we were informed that shortly there would be 110 daycare camp kids. Yay! Needless to say the girls didn't get to swim long before we were invaded by tons of camp kids. We got out of there fast.

We did get to see a spectacular lightening storm tonight. We don't get storms here very often but when we do they are usually pretty volatile. Hail and tornadoes are as normal here as hurricanes are on the coast.

I am looking forward to having some cool air.....but not looking forward to the thinner wallet. :-)

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