Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don't Get No Better

I have had the best week I believe I have had in a while. Nothing fancy, just plain ol' fun.

This morning I got up and made my weekly grocery store trip. Don't let the word weekly fool you. Nothing about my grocery store trips have ever been weekly. It never fails that I forget something or realize that I should have bought more of that something that everyone loves.

Since we had an afternoon get-together at our friends, Angela and Quy's, I decided to go to the HEB in Elgin. I really don't know what possessed me to go to this particular HEB when my regular HEB is only 2 miles further.

I do have a sort of love/hate relationship with the city of Elgin, somehow I am always drawn to it. I haven't yet figured out why I persist on going to does remind me an awful lot of my hometown.....

Anyway, the Elgin HEB is the kind of grocery store that has folks like Earline and Bubba cashiering, where folks wear their pajamas and curlers to shop, and cursing loudly at other drivers in the parking lot is acceptable.

Needless to say, I got my shopping done and headed home as quickly as possible vowing that next time I will take the couple of extra miles it takes to my regular HEB.

Around 2:30'ish it was finally time to go to the "party". I was excited about a get-together. It's been a while since Toby and I were invited somewhere there were going to be other people besides our immediate friends.

The day was a hit. I really enjoyed hanging out with Angela and their friends from out of town. Toby only made a short appearance due to having to be at work in the p.m. Luckily, he didn't miss out on any of the great food that was there.

I couldn't believe by the time I got home, we had been there for 5 hours! Angela and Quy were perfect hosts. I believe there were even some pictures taken of me holding a baby....... :-)


  1. Fun! Glad you had such a great week - but Elgin sounds a little weird.

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  4. well, well, well looky there @ Ms. Laura. I do believe you are softening in your old age! You look right at home holding that precious sweet baby.