Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beatin' The Heat

It's been hot as heck here in Texas for the past few weeks....blazing hot. We decided to take a trip to the Rock n River Water park in Round Rock to beat the heat. Water parks are so much more fun when your with friends, so we invited Angela and her brood to come along.

We got there right as they opened. Rock n River has to be my favorite water park I have ever been to....yes, it beats Schlitterbaun in my opinion. Not because it has more rides and water playscapes, but because it is smaller, less crowded and you don't have to wait in mile long lines.

Of course, although it was hot as fire, it was a cloudy day. I prefer a little sun with my water so I opted to hold Angela's baby while she played in the water with Jaiden. Yes folks, I was holding a baby. My friends back home that know me well know that I DO NOT hold babies. But this baby is an angel. She does not cry or fuss but only on very rare occasions. She is also very strong and sturdy so her head does not flop around to make me nervous. I dislike babies with floppy heads...and babies that fuss and cry.

After a while the sun exposed itself and I decided to take a ride in the lazy river. Toby and I ended up playing chase with the older girls in the pool. Pool games like that always bring out the kid in me. I was having a blast and I'm sure Toby and the girls were too.

We took turns floating with Jaiden in the lazy river. She loved the lazy river as much as I did. I know her and I floated around that river 50 times. She was so relaxed I believe she could have took a nap on the floaty if it weren't for the blast of water that would hit us at every round.

After a few hours and some burnt skin it was time to go. I think I have had the best week I have had in a while!


  1. Sounds perfect! You're momma's day alone seems to have given you a boost of sound like you are glowing with your words.

    ...and I've NEVER seen you hold a baby, ever! I'd like to see the picture that proves it!

  2. tell Toby congrats on the new job. I am glad you got some time together before he had to get back to work.

  3. Glad things are going so well! Who held your kids when they were babies? tee hee. . .mental picture of someone else holding them while you nurse. . .Yes, I'm strange. . .I'm still waiting for a pic of your new hair do!