Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prayin' For Rain

Being brought up in a Christian home made praying no stranger to me. I used it frequently as a teenager in difficult times, pleading for this or that. I eventually figured out that some of my prayers were "answered" and some were not.

As I grew older my skeptical mind took over and I started to think about prayer in a different way. In the Christian church you are taught that God always answers your prayers...sometimes you just don't receive the answer you want. Mmmmmm....then why even waste your time praying in the first place if God is just going to do what he wants anyway?????

I was realistic enough to finally realize there was not some "man form" sitting "out there" somewhere rubbing his chin listening to my pleas and deciding whether I was worthy enough to be granted my "wish".

Of course this is just "my story" of the way things are. Everyone has a different story about life, about God, and about.....everything.

So anyway, I have not prayed in many, many, years for anything in particular. I gave up asking for anything because I figured if God wanted me to have something I would have it, if he wanted my loved ones protected or "saved from death" he is perfectly capable of protecting my loved ones without me prodding him along....after all he is GOD right??? Isn't he already suppose to know all of my needs???

The only prayer I usually do have is the prayer to give me strength to handle whatever may come my way and to accept life as what it is....life.

O.k. enough of my non-conforming outlook on "God" and prayer. We have been needing some rain really bad in this drought ridden region that I chose to move to. Yesterday afternoon, as I was grabbing a moment of peace and quite out of my very busy day I decided to "test" this GOD person/thing.

There was not a cloud in the sky as usual, although the weather forecasters had predicted a 30% chance of rain...not much at all. Standing in my backyard looking towards the beautiful clear blue sky I prayed to God that we get some rain...just a little moisture for our poor trees, grass, and flowers would be greatly appreciated.

This morning when I got up the thunder rumbled for a good hour or so. I figured that was the most we would get since it "Never Rains in Central Texas". I remembered my prayer of yesterday and smirked at the possibility of a simple answered prayer.

I continued on with my morning routine of drinking coffee and computer time. All of a sudden I hear it! That very rare sound of rain falling from the sky. Yes, my prayer was answered. I asked for just a little rain and that's exactly what I got a little rain....just enough to quench the Earth's thirst.

Of course the skeptical in myself knows that just because I ask for rain doesn't mean that it comes. Rain comes when it comes....whether you want it or not. But then again.....

I guess I might should re-think this prayer thing. Ask and ye shall receive...at least you always have a 50/50 chance. Maybe next time I will "test" God by praying that I win the Texas State Lottery. Now THAT would be a prayer answered. :-)


  1. I'm a big believer in that prayers work, especially when it is self-less. Sounds like you had enjoyed the perfect morning...rain falling, sipping coffee. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hey, take blessings wherever you can get them. I say it was a little gift from the universe just for you and the little trees and flowers that needed a little tenderness.

  3. Nature is neither cruel nor kind. She is merely indifferent...

  4. Bless your heart, you underestimate the power of intent, and of course our beloved creator/universe/god listening to what we wish and what we truly need........

    This is a difficult lesson for me at present....