Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday June 12, 2009

Well, I finally have cool air! After the a/c guy left we decided to take a little break and head to the mall.

The mall has never been one of my favorite places to go, but the mall here is pretty cool and is not a hangout for the "ghettos" like the one in Mobile. It's a large 2 story mall and there are plenty of stores to spend your money in.

We only walked about 1/4 of the mall. Although we wandered into many of the stores, we actually only had two store destinations....Build A Bear and Bath and Body Works.
Summer had some allowance she wanted to spend. She ended up getting ANOTHER Build A Bear to add to the collection of the already overflowing stuffed animal bin in her room.

I don't think she has figured out yet that in order to keep the clutter under control, I get rid of one of her stuffies when she adds to her collection. My house rule is when you buy something you have to get rid of something...plain and simple. It's called "crowd control".

True to his nature, Toby was very entertaining in the mall....well to me anyway. Summer claims he was embarrassing her. I have figured out when he is having to do something he is not really enjoying he tries to keep himself entertained....which in turn keeps me entertained.

After we got home to our nice cool house Summer decided that her new Build A Bear needed some clothes. She didn't have enough money to buy any accessories so she decided that she would sew him some clothes. She pulled out the scrap material and sewing box. She was doing pretty good but soon found out that the sewing part was easier than the fitting part.

Obviously she had talked Toby into helping her out. This is what I saw when I came downstairs. Now that is a turn on! Watching a man sew for his little girl. What are daddies for anyway???


  1. Hey that pile looks familiar. Kathryn has one just like it in her room. Which bear did Summer get. Kathryn is trying to talk me into another one. I told her not for awhile. All her tip money from the resturant has gone toward 3 in the last 6 months. I said that enough