Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday June 7, 2009

Toby had another full day at work. It was a school day for Summer and I. Although we school year round, during the summer months we only do the bare essentials of reading and math. How much more does anyone actually really need anyway???

After we finished school we headed to the pool. I told Summer we need to make note next time to sit on the edge of the pool and get hot before we jump in. It was pretty cold in there even as hot as it is during the day. I guess it's so cool at night that the pool loses it's warmth during the night.

We only swam about an hour. Summer informed me that it is much more fun to swim with her daddy. I didn't tell her, but I thought that I thought it was much more fun when daddy swam with her too. I am not much of a play in the pool kinda chick. I like to chill out on a lounger, soaking in the sun while reading a good book.

After we left the pool we hit the Dollar Store for some pool toys and then on to the Sonic for some lunch. Not that I didn't have the healthy lunch waiting at home but somehow it didn't sound as appealing as some greasy sonic chicken.

After we got home and chilled out for a while I made a phone call. A phone call I have been meaning to make ever since we moved to Texas. I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in San Antonio, Tx. I also have a some cousins that live in the Houston area...probably more that I don't even know about.

My uncle is my mother's brother. They used to live in Mobile years ago and we used to spend a good bit of time doing family stuff with them. I don't remember a whole lot of it but I do have some fond memories of a few occasions. I think they moved to Texas when I was around 8 or 9 years old..maybe younger.

Although I did stay with them a while when I was a teenager when they lived in Seguin Tx (right outside San Antone) I have not seen them in years except for the few occasions of seeing them during my mothers passing 7 years ago.

It's a shame to be that close to family members and not have contacted them. Somehow we let time and distance come between us and our family and loved ones slip out of our lives.

Since arriving in Texas I have thought about my extended family numerous times. I finally made that phone call this afternoon and had a great time catching up with my uncle. Even though I have only met my cousin one time when she was 5 years old (she is now 23..I think) I maintain a Facebook relationship with her and always enjoy chatting with her and keeping up with her life via the Internet.

I think that maybe I will be resuming some old family relationships in the near future and I look forward to being a part of their life once again. I think Summer needs some family members more than anyone. She craves it. Even though she has an older brother I still consider both of them only children because of their age difference.

As little family as we have we can use all we can get. :-)

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  1. That's really great that you are reconnecting with "long lost" family!

    My problem is that my family doesn't stay lost long enough (ha ha ha ha ha!)

    I love the geese? ducks? on your header!