Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's HOT as Fire!

My A/C is out and I am having trouble settling down and relaxing for the night. I keep thinking about the info board that I read while we were in the Georgetown, Tx Museum a couple of weeks ago. It spoke of the Germans that immigrated to Texas in the 1800's. Germany's temperature can in no way be compared to the sweltering heat of Texas.

The picture on the info board showed an immigrant couple on the prairie land clothed in long sleeved apparel. It spoke of their experience of coming from a cooler climate into the intense Texas heat....something they were not used to. I am sure they were very surprised when they got here. In their words...."they thought they would die."

This is exactly the way I feel at this moment. It is hot as fire. On the flip side, central Texas has a wonderful breeze that I can feel blowing through my open window.....

There is always something to be grateful for. :-)


  1. Ouch...that's not fun!

    Hey, we bought a window unit a couple of years ago for hurricane's been sitting there collecting dust, so we decided to put it in the bedroom for a nice cold blow for sleeping. Maybe you could purchase one (24 hour Walmart) to fill in until you're up and running :~)

  2. Sending you a bit of our winter coolness..............there, bet that felt better!

    Know the feeling, the heat here after lovely English summers is draining, thank goodness for our pool is all I can say, if I can't sleep I go out, jump in the pool and go back to bed wet, not always cooler, but it usually works and sends me back to sleep......

  3. Awww...I am sending you waves of Cincinnati Coolness
    (that's the only thing resembling a wave on my laptop keyboard!)