Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now This Is CRAZY!

I finally spoke with my neighbor about the Pup situation. Too make a very long aggravating story very short, she says she is going to keep the pup and take care of it since the pup is "already attached to them." I informed her of all the things the pup needs and the responsibility that comes with having an animal.

You ask why I am telling a grown woman about pet responsibility?? Well I will tell you. The pup is still running around free pooping in everyone's but it's own yard. It also is hauling dirty diapers from somewhere..probably her house, and strewing out all of the filling into my yard for me to have to pick up. Not to mention I have several destroyed flower beds. Yes, I told my neighbor about all of these infractions. All she had to say was "I'm sorry".

I then went on to tell her that the pup is very skinny and I am having to feed it so it won't starve. She then told me that's why it comes in my yard...because I feed it. As if the whole dog thing is my fault. What am I suppose to do watch the dog starve to death??

I informed her she needed to get it fenced or caged in her house so it would not be making a neighborhood nuisance of itself or God forbid, get pregnant. I also told her she needed to bathe it because she is ate up with fleas.

You will not believe her response to me when I told her the pup needed to be bathed at least monthly. She then laughed and told me that she could not bathe the dog. I then asked her why she would want a dog she can't even bathe??

Are you ready??? She said..."I'm scared if I bathe her, she will transform into a demon and turn and attack me." The woman is totally serious! I have heard of some crazy superstitions and beliefs before, but this one takes the cake.

I give up! I'm throwing my hands up to the whole situation and hope that HOA will fine her for having a dog run around loose and uncared for.

By the way, I have tried to find the dog a home on the sly, but haven't had any bites as of yet. Her husband will be in town this weekend. I am hoping by some miracle that he says the dog has to go.....


  1. Oh...that sounds like one heck of a frustrating situation. At least you tried, but I'd send that critter to the pound. At least it would get a check-up, food and shelter and a chance of adoption. If the shelter is like the one here, chances are the SPCA would adopt it before they euthanize (sp) it anyway. I they hardly ever allow a "healthy" critter to be put down...

    ...which in my HO is another whole issue in and of itself.

  2. Wow! I'll pass that excuse for not bathing on to Archie. He's always lookin for a new one to try out on me! I certainly wouldn't want him turning into a DEMON!!!!


  3. Laura -- here's my opinion --
    No Kill Shelter. . .ASAP. . .

    Is there one in your area? When she isn't home take it & then don't have anything to do with her. Poor dog.

  4. You can always hope a Vietnamese family moves into the neighborhood. Great BBq and no more pesky critter roaming around free-pooping in yards.

  5. Ugh. How stupid can some people be?

    I agree with the crew here, ASPCA soonest!